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The history of the Suijderhoeck family, which consists of several branches. Including a branch from the region, which in the beginning Old Beijerland "Suijderhouck" mentions. A branch from the region around Haarlem calls himself initially "Suijderhoeff van Haerlem". Later would split this up into Suijderhoeff and the name "van Haerlem". Some persons changed the name Suijderhoeff to Suijderhoeck. The largest population of the family we find it in and around the village Pijnacker. In Haarlem was Maerten Suijderhoeff or Suijderhoef, the founder of the branch Haerlem. During the Siege of Haarlem (1572) the  minicipal archieves were burned by Spanisch soldiers . There is no more evidence from that period, so there is no real proof that these three families have a family relationship. However, these three families lived in the same region, and it is certainly not excluded that htey have a familial connection.

After 1699 the surename Suyderhoeff disapeared  and we only see the familyname written with CK instead of the F or the double FF. From 1811 we only see the name Zuiderhoek as we write now, all the other spellings have desappeared.



Coat of arms of Jan Suijderhoeck and Maerten Suijderhoeff van Haerlem


In Old Beijerland it was Jan Suijderhouck the founder and  Arend Suijderhouck or Suijderhoeck,  in Pijnacker the founder of the family. In the North of the Netherlands living Family Zuiderhoek, has no  commitment with our family. They have their origin in the North of Germany  a small  hamlet called "Vellage",  The Zuiderhoek family, living in Grand Rapids Michigan, are decendants of the Zuiderhoeks-familie of the North of The Netherlands.

At a later stage, the name Suijderhouck and Suijderhoeff Suijderhoeck will split to the family name on his mother's side, so that both surnames were used for a same family. What happened the other way around, sometimes one also sometimes gave the first child the surname of the father and the other children the surname of the mother. A good example is "Nicolaas" ,son of Pieter Suijderhoeff and Wendelmoet van der Laan, adopted the surname of his mother "van der Laan". 

Jan Suijderhoeff van Haerlem, married Diewertje Hasselaer, called himself  "van Haerlem" and entering the job as major of Schiedam. (A small village in the near of Rotterdam). Some children from him, took the name “van Haerlem: the name of the other children took the name “ van Hasselaer". A cousin of Jan van Haerlem, “Jan Suijderhoeff van Haarlem” was married to Agneta Lette, where we watched on an excerpt from the civil status of the name Suijderhoeff van Haarlem " then ended the name on CK. He would later used the familyname Suijderhoeck. 

The search in those old time requires good effort, because of the often unusual name adoption. The family Suijderhouck from Oud Beijerland would later lived in Pijnacker  too. Also be the names Suijderhoeck, Suijderwijk and Suijderkerck often confused. I have taken Pijnacker as a basis of the family .The first ancestor from Pijnacker is Arend Zijbrandtszn Suijderhoeck, born around 1550. On the page  "Genealogy" you find the whole familytree.

We take in the above mentioned family's two coat-of-arms, a coat of arms of Maerten Suijderhoeff  van Haerlem (left) the 2nd family coat of arms (right) is by Jan Suijderhoeck (born to Kethel) married Elisabeth van Eck.