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acobus Zuiderhoek  born 10-31-1848 in Alphen aan den Rijn,The Netherlands,  son of Jan Zuiderhoek and Helena Geertruida Kloos. Baptisted November1848 in Alphen aan den Rijn. Jacobus died 06-10-1936 in Siluria Alabama USA, 87 years old. Burried October 1936 in Siluria Alabama USA. Elliots cemetary.

Note by Jacobus: Attended The Technical school in Amsterdam he learned for Carpenter..
He went on 05-01-1864 from Alphen aan den Rijn to Oudshoorn. On 10-11-1866 he went to Leiden. On 04-23-1868 Jacob went to live with his parents, they lived in the Nieuwstraat nr 542 in Amsterdam. On 04-24-1873 Jacob went to Scheveningen and came back to Amsterdam on 03-03-1875 . After a few years he lives with his parents he went, as a not married man, by immigration in 1885 to The United States of America.  With the SS Ship " Schiedam" from "The Holland Americaline,"on September 1885 he arrive in New York.

MS The Schiedam

On the ship "SS Schiedam"  board he was a Carpenter to make cascets for the people who died on board..For the sharks are this happy days,  they follows ships every time a ship passed. He arrive in September 1886 in New York and stay for a few monthts ,he loves opera He leaves New York and went to Jackson Mississippi. On 03-04-1888 . In Jackson Mississippi he married Mary McCrore.  Mary, died after a year and Jacob moves to Alabama where he works with Bridge Crew on the Southern Railroad, a railroad from  Birmingham to Mobile. He stays by Will and Sudie Renau in Maylene, there he met Rebecca Fulton . For uncle " Lige Fulton" of  Rebecca  Jacob makes an oversise kasket , the mans weight was more than 300 pound . Later Jacob works bij L&N Railroad constructing buildings in Decatur. For a short time he was a mailman in Maylene. By the birth of his first child, Jacob was Carpenter for Shop Foreman and Buck Creek cotton mill. Many jears he build housen, also his own house that burning down and he lost all the memories and pictures of The Netherlands. The last build house of Jacob was the house of  Brant Nickerson, a Farmatic of Siluria. Jacob and Jim Comer build bridges on the John Branch and Buck Creek over the Montevello Road. Later will Jim Merrill rebuild the bridge because the bridge was to small for to pass two cars.

Religion: Christian Reformed.


(1) married, 39 jaar oud,  03-04-1888 in Jackson Missisippi USA  Mary McCrorey, 37 or 38 years old. His marriage seperated in 1889 in Jackson Missisippi USA (death of Mary McCrorey). Mary was born  in 1850 in Jackson Missisippi USA. She died before 1889 in Jackson Missisippi USA, about 39 years old.

(2) married, 41 jaar oud, 09-04-1890 in Shelby county Alabama USA, Eva Rebecca Fulton, 24 years old. born 07-09-1866 in Saginaw Shelby County Alabama Usa, daughter of  David Edwin Fulton and Louisa Jane Elliotts. Baptisted in July 1866 in Saginaw Shelby County Alabama Usa. Rebecca died 06-12-1934 in Shelby Co Alabama USA, 67 years old. burried in June 1934 on Elliotsville Shelby County Alabama Usa.


Children of Jacobus and  Eva Rebecca:


1 John Ellen Zuiderhoek, Born 06-25-1891 in Siluria Alabama USA.. (Click here)

2 Edward Zuiderhoek, Born 12-18-1892 in Siluria Alabama USA. . (Click here)

3 Helena Gertrude Zuiderhoek, Born 12-19-1894 in Siluria Alabama USA.

4 Reno Zuiderhoek, Born 12-19-1895 in Siluria Alabama USA.. (Click here)

5 Percey Franklin Zuiderhoek, Born 03-18-1897 in Shelby Alabama USA.. (Click here)

6 Xx Zuiderhoek [1.6], dead born 03-18-1897 in Saginaw Shelby County Alabama Usa

7 Cecil Brown Zuiderhoek, Born  02-07-1899 in Shelby Co Alabama USA.. (Click here)

8 Luther James Zuiderhoek, Born 06-28-1903 in Ensley Siluria Alabama USA.

9 Lucy Jane Zuiderhoek, Born 06-28-1903 in Ensley Jefferson Alabama USA. .

 John Ellen married Mary Calloway Lawler on 03-18-1913 in Saginaw Shelby County Alabama USA.

Children of John Ellen and Mary:

01:Hellen Margaret  1915 - 2000

02:John Ellen Jr  1917 - 1991   (Click here)

03:Otus Eugene  1919 -1959 , he married  Edith Florence  Owens. Five of the seven familymembers died by a car-train accident on september 1959 in Clastonebury Hatfort Alabama, only Rebecca (9 jrs old ) and the 1 years old Van survived the accident. (Click here)

04:Mary Caloway 1922 -1994

05:Melba Doris 1924 - 1992

06:Betty ward  1927 - 2003

07:Fred Lamar  1929 -2008  (Click here)

08:Roy Phelon  1932-1936


 Jacob and Rebecca (R) Sister and brother in law of Rebecca ( L) and 8 kids of Jacob and Rebecca