History of the Brickfactory 

Owner of the brickfactory : Jacob Suijderhoeck







rick factory and lime roasting.

Jacob(us) Suijderhoeck (born 08-10-1789 Kethel) Died 08-30-1872 in Gouda

Son of Jan Suijderhoeck and Elisabeth van Eck 

Married ( 06-09-1817) Capelle aan den IJssel

Anna Cornelia Hoogendijk born 04-02-1794 Capelle aan den IJssel died 03-12-1859 Alphen a/d Rijn

Daughter of Willem Hoogendijk and Neeltje van Lingen

 Jobs of Jacob:

1815-1827 1st class accountant of the Convooyen and Liecenten Schiedam

1827-1839 Visiteur in and outgoing rights of Rotterdam

1840-1843 Brickfactory Capelle aan den IJssel

1843-1856 Limeroaster Alphen aan den Rijn

On January 20, 1840 Jacob  Zuiderhoek  bought from Bonifacius Mijnlief a stone place on the Groenendijk, East of the village of Capelle aan den IJssel. Which consisted of two ovens, four barns, form-and dry fields, a mansion, a coach house, stables and worker houses with garden and yards, as well as four zellingen. In 1843 took son Willem Cornelis Zuiderhoek (1827-1913) the somewhat dilapidated stone place over from his father Jacob Zuiderhoek.

(F) de Lange Fz buys at auction to the large loading zelling on the Groenendijk in Capelle aan den IJssel from Willem Cornelis Zuiderhoek. (0148) archives of the family de Lange /Bloot, stone manufacturers in Nieuwekerk aan den IJssel (1782-1970) 


2 documents relating to immovable property, rights and companies.

Authentic extract from a deed of auctions and assignment to a zelling with IJssel water called "the large loading zelling" on the Groenendijk in Capelle aan den IJssel (kad. Section B 1820, 1821, 1879, 1986, 1987) by Willem Cornelis Zuiderhoek, Stonebaker in Rotterdam, to Francois de Lange Gz, stonebaker in Nieuwerkerk aan den IJssel; with a retro Act, Oct. 1855 and two receipts, december 1890, January 1891 

Establishment for consultation: municipal archives Groeneweg 30 in Gouda

Size: 2 katerns and 2 pieces 

(Adri den Boer in HVC) 

Stone place Zuiderhoek and Kouwenoord (Kouwenhoek) of The Outland stoneplace Kouwenhoek belongs fr a long time of the family van Capellen. The new sign says correctly that the place in 1916 was demolished and that several years before still stones was baked. On the spot of this stone place came so finally the church yard. For workers of Van Capellen officials came to Capelle aan den IJssel. Old maps are a nice resource for the sites and for the number of stone places. Take the attached map section from 1660. That as on the Board of law, stone place certainly already was active in the 18th century, is correct for sure! "Steenplaetsen" (Stoneplaces) is already there in 1660 in plural of places still referred to or just more ovens? A map from 1811 gives there namely a few place with four furnaces. 

On the cadastral minute plan of section B2 of 1832 split the stoneplace in two stoneplaces with two ovens. That card is visible along with a map of 2012 on the sign thanks to the geo-information of the ' municipailty of Capelle aan den IJssel, beautiful and go look! The colored rivers map of 1853 also gives two stone places with two names: Zuiderhoek and Kouwenoord. The later name Kouwenhoek seems a popular fusion name of both names.


steenfabriekcapelle.jpg (8922 bytes) Artikel Gemeentewerf e.o. Het Kanaal 18 juni 2012..jpg (1888433 bytes) steenplaatszuiderhoek.jpg (158525 bytes)   Blik_in_ijsselsteenoven_Klein_Hitland.jpg (172647 bytes) steenoven.JPG (289104 bytes)

Schoolpicture brickfactory (source www.hvnweb.nl)

Source: the Green heart archives and the book "The elephant and the ladies Bloot" by author Rob Stolk.

The book describes the history of stone factories in and around Capelle aan den IJssel.  Also the story of Jacobus Zuiderhoek

The old stone place "Klein Hitland" is located on the ijsseldijk in Nieuwerkerk a/d IJssel is one of the 15 manufacturers that once world were famous by baking the well-known IJssel stones. The ovens date back to about 1700 and was closed in 1964. The ovens were around 1970 already pretty in decline and only in 1990 is the first oven restored. It took until 2003 before it was about to the rest of the ovens. It should be called unique because all brick kilns are still present, a total of four pieces. Near the stone place is the Hitlandbos, a beautifully landscaped forest with many lakes, tree parties and meadows.



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